Build A Brand with Mobile Marketing – 6 Ways

Written by M Faiz
Updated on January 10, 2021

What is the best way for brands to reach their target audience or local businesses like your clients to reach their target audience?  Mobile Marketing.

On average, consumers spend around five hours per day consuming video, playing games, posting on social media, and interacting with friends, checking email, and doing work-related stuff. 

That’s a ton of time on a day-to-day basis to spend on your smartphone, considering a large portion of your day is spent sleeping, eating, working, doing other things that you do on a regular day-to-day basis.

This article will show you some tactics that I know people use and that large brands use and that many use for their clients to get more business, more clients, and more customers. That way, we always focus on increasing leads and sales, so stay tuned for a cool bonus as well. 

How Is Mobile Marketing Done?

How Is Mobile Marketing Done?

Brands and businesses, especially local businesses, are using online marketing techniques to try and attract customers. They have to have things optimized and planned for mobile and not just their website. It needs to be things like their mobile campaigns for email and social media, Considering things like the search engine’s mobile presence, right? 

All of these things need to be considered when you’re building your mobile strategy or the mobile side of your marketing plan. So in 2016, Google announced that they were going to start requiring websites to perform well on a mobile device to ensure a good user experience for Google’s audience and Google’s users. 

To rank high on search engine results, Google now requires you to have proper image sizing buttons that work. When you go to your website, you have call-to-action buttons. Those buttons need to perform well, and your site’s speed optimization needs to be done – to load within 3 seconds. That’s how quickly load time needs to be.

This way you’re going to be performing well because Google also obviously will look at that when they’re looking at your mobile performance compared to desktop. This is important for successful mobile marketing.

Oh, and really quick, let’s do a Survey. How many of you are using mobile right now, and that can be either your phone or a tablet? If you’re using mobile, write ‘Yes’ right below in the comments. If you’re not using mobile, if you’re on a computer, right? Then write ‘No’ in the comments below. 

I want to show you guys a cool example that I already know the answer to because I have the data on my end. Still, I want to show you guys something interesting when it comes to my site. So make sure you comment below. 

Another thing to note is that even if you have this incredible social media or email campaign or even if you’re ranking well on search engines because you’re writing the right keywords, if people click over, they go to your mobile site. If it’s not optimized for mobile, they’re going to leave that website because they couldn’t use it.

It didn’t look good, and it wasn’t quick and easy to use. Hence, they went away. So your website is actually losing leads and losing money for you on a regular basis. You need to have a good website for successful mobile marketing.


Upselling in Mobile Marketing

Oh, and quick tip. If you’re trying to sell something to a client for a marketing agency, if you run a marketing agency in your triangle and clients and you’re trying to kind of upsell a service to them, one of the first things that I always try to recommend upselling. 

Because many people don’t have a website, selling that’s going to convert. So you can look at the business owner and say, “Hey, Mr. Business Owner. I’d love to get this marketing campaign going for you. But here’s the issue. If I run all these leads and get you a hundred leads and send them to that website that you currently have, unfortunately, it’s not going to convert well.

Because people are gonna go to it on their phone and your mobile site is not good. If we send them to that site, they’re not gonna convert. So I would recommend doing a redesign on your website, getting it mobile optimized. So that way we’re able to capture all of the leads that we’re getting to your site instead of just, you know, a very small percentage.”

Mobile Notifications

Mobile Notifications help in Mobile Marketing

So let’s talk about some strategies to build awareness using mobile marketing. Using mobile number one is mobile notifications. They’re great. Why? Because they’re super easy to set up, and if you know the right way is to take advantage of them, you can even get some free advertising.

So let’s talk about that. Facebook, in particular, has two things. Number one Offers, and number two Facebook Groups. Offers are something that you can run that someone can claim access to, and offers say you do 10% off of an Entre at a restaurant for a client.

I claim that offer on Facebook. What’s gonna happen is before the expiration date of that coupon, or that offer essentially is what it is. It’s going to send me a mobile notification on my Facebook account that comes to my phone saying, “Hey, your offer is about to expire!” 

That is a free extra advertisement that Facebook automatically sends to that phone as a push notification. 

Number two- Facebook groups. Suppose you are the admin of a Facebook group, and you’re running it for a business page. Every time you post to that group, it will notify all of the members that the admin has posted. Number two is mobile-friendly and used by many for mobile marketing.

Email Marketing 

Email Marketing with Mobile Marketing

Your email marketing needs to consider that a lot of people are going to be reading these emails on their mobile phones. You need to do things like making the font larger, adding more spacing, making the size of the picture properly for not only desktop but also mobile. All of those things are what you want to do for your email marketing campaigns. 

It’ll make your experience with the customers you have either for your client or your own business have a much better experience and more likely to convert. 

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing in Mobile Marketing

Finally, some other things are things like SMS marketing which are included in mobile marketing. So you can put a ‘Call to action’ on your website to join a marketing list.

So for text message lists, think of a red box. They do a great job at text messaging people, free coupons and free movies, and all this stuff that you get to entice you to come and buy a movie. That’s a great way to do this. 

With your local business clients, say you have a restaurant, a text message service can work great for mobile marketing. You could put it on the website’s home page and offer promotions weekly specials to your audience. 

What are your thoughts about this? Leave in the comments below your thoughts about SMS marketing. Do you feel like it’s too intrusive or invasive? How do you feel when people text you too much? Do you want to include this in your mobile marketing campaigns?

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming can be used for Mobile Marketing
Siblings using technologies on sofa at home

So there are two more things that I want to mention. the first one is going to be mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is huge, and it’s one of the fastest-growing industries out there. 

You would be disappointed if you didn’t consider the mobile gaming industry and how you could build a mobile marketing campaign or a mobile marketing strategy into the mobile gaming market to attract new customers.

As a matter of fact, up to 78% of smartphone users actually log into gaming apps or gaming-related apps once per day. On average, they’re logging about six-and-a-half hours per week on those apps. 

Location-Based Marketing

Location based marketing is important in mobile marketing

The final piece is Location-Based Marketing. The term is either called hotspot marketing or location-based marketing and used by many for mobile marketing. It is one of the coolest things. This is the little bonus piece of information that I mentioned at the beginning that I wanted to talk to you guys about. 

Many businesses started using it back in like 2012. The technology has advanced so much that even more businesses can afford to use it and get access to it. 

You know more people are talking about it. Location-based marketing essentially allows you to target people whenever they come within a specific range of a physical location; for example, Walmart. 

Suppose you have their app installed on your phone when you walk into Walmart. In that case, It will ping the app based on the location that you’re at, and it will offer you a special discount or promotion. 

It also offers you a special promotion or discount that would probably be tailored to each person based on their purchase history, right? So this is something cool that you can incorporate into local businesses. You just have to find somebody who’s doing something. 

If you have any questions or comments about this article, please leave them in the comments below. 

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