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I'm M Faiz. Here at The Fortune Blog, I aim to provide value with honest reviews (along with my custom bonuses), ultimate guides that actually helps you, professional services with affordable price tags and give back to the community that has been helping me so far!
I do not believe in get-rich-quick schemes. I know anything worth having is worth waiting for or in this case, worth working for. So please don't expect me to promote get rich quick schemes that tend to usually fail.
I believe in dedication and smart work, where smart work means working hard on things that truly matter. I believe in working for freedom instead of money. Since freedom is the best thing money can provide us.

I'm Faiz and this is my story...

I know what it's like to buy course after course, product after product, sometimes making an investment only to lose your entire capital, or seeing fewer returns than expected... I know all that because I've been there.

And when I finally nailed it, it had been nearly over 1.5 years. Yeah, I know... I'm not any fast learner... but after making mistake after mistake, jumping from one ship to another... I finally nailed it. And I want you to nail it too!

What we provide here at The Fortune Blog is not just some mumbo jumbo being spoken by a marketer who doesn't do marketing or an Ad Expert who doesn't run ads.

The articles we write are true to the best of our knowledge and the courses or services we provide are something we actually do for our own businesses and brands.

All our articles aim to provide value, and we try to keep our services affordable but never compromise on the quality. We also test most of the products we review and try to give you the right information. 

What's in it for you ?

Yes, you might be thinking, "Faiz, that sounds all good, but why are you being so nice? What's in it for you?"

It's very simple actually. Despite the effort of good marketers, and other good gurus out there, the online money making space remains a dangerous territory with many scammers out there. Unless you know what you're doing it's very easy to lose a lot of money or get scammed.

As I said, I've been there and have lost a lot of money... but I don't want this to happen to you (blame me for being nice).

Covid-19 has taken many jobs, well-respected families lost their homes, and many tragic stories were made in 2020... but I want to make it better for you. I want your 2021 to be one of the best years of your life!

I know it's not easy to find someone who is trustworthy in this space, someone whose recommendations you can trust, someone who delivers on their promises, and someone who actually does what they say.

I want to be that someone you can trust, someone whose recommendations you can believe, someone who actually delivers on their promise.

So the answer to the question is very simple. When I can guide you in the right direction, give you the correct info you need, give you the right recommendations that end up making you happy and satisfied... and still make money, why shouldn't I?

I won't try to act like a saint and be someone I'm not. I know we're all aiming for success here and thanks to my experience in going up and down, and finally making it big, I am sure of one thing. I can help you get success and succeed alongside you. 

This is the main reason I made this website, to give back to you, to the community and to help others like you who are in need of a trustworthy source.

Are we really good at what we do?

Hmm... it's a valid concern. Look, since this site is fairly new, I don't have things like testimonials and similar stuff to show you. But I can give you another clear proof. If you like the content on our site, you're going to like our content creation service since we use the same writers to write your content. If you like the way we built our website, you're going to like the website we built it for you as well. Our articles rank high on Google, and we can do the same for you as well.

It's very simple actually. Everyone wants the best things for themselves. And the same is true for us, for me. I want the best content, the best site, the best Google rankings, and much more. So, I made it happen. The services we provide are not just some services we offer to make money. They are the same services we use for our website, for our businesses and brands. You're getting something we personally use... and as I said earlier, I want the best things for myself, my brand... so automatically... you get the best too!

You get the best content, best services, at an affordable cost - this clearly resonates with the purpose of making this website - To help you build your fortune and grow it.

My Story

I wish there was a lot to say... maybe some tragic story that you can sympathize with... some loss that I recovered from and made it big... or some other emotional story.

But it's none of that. Being in the 20s, I've been fortunate enough to not experience anything that could be called tragic but at the same time, there is one big reason I came to the online money making world. My education.

So, I've always been a good kid since I was small, good at studies, obedient to my parents, and every other thing you might associate with being a good kid. And I wanted to continue doing that. But as I grew older, and moved to another place for my higher studies, things began to take an undesirable turn.

The new environment meant new changes, and they were something I wasn't good at. I was not that outgoing kid who always mingled well in a new crowd, who always fit in. I was kind of an introvert. A guy who preferred being on his laptop over playing in the park, and gaming on his iPad instead of attending family parties.

So, this new environment hit me hard, and without an outgoing personality, it was difficult to adapt. Then years went by, and I successfully cleared my high school, and entered university... but that was at a great cost. A cost my parents were willing to bear thanks to their great love in me and trust that I would somehow make it work, but I was not happy.

I entered medicine and though I studied about the human body in the morning at the university, at home I thought about the tried face of my father who came home late at night after work, my mother who took care of the household despite her medical conditions making it difficult for her... it just didn't feel right.

Look, I am the only child of my parents and as I received that special care and affection they gave me, I wanted to give them back. I wanted to help them out. And the best way I thought to do it, was to provide financially. 

As we moved to a new place, my father left his old job and began a business in real estate. Now, at our place, doing a real estate business is really profitable. He worked hard to learn the subject, scouted new lands suitable for development, and did all he could for a few years... until he finally landed a big project when I was about to enter university... a project big enough to pay my fees and other expenses.

But then, Covid struck and people stopped investing in land since the cost of investment was high, and the project got stuck (no one was buying the land). All this and much more motivated me to make money online and was the reason I worked hard to nail it.

This is my simple story, but at the same time, it is what changed my life from just being a student who depends on their parent for everything, to someone who is independent, someone who can give back to his family, and someone who doesn't need to look at a price tag before buying anything.

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