6 Worst Email Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid at All Costs

Written by M Faiz
Updated on January 14, 2021

Lets discuss some of the worst email marketing mistakes made by marketers these days. In the age of smartphones, iPads, and laptops, email marketing has taken on new importance for companies in today's digital marketing world. 

Not only is email a vital tool for staying connected with customers and providing updates to them, but it is also a powerful way to increase brand visibility and generate leads as well. However, not all email campaigns are created equal. 

While some excel in delivering content, others fail in using email marketing as a means of generating leads. In fact, one of the most common email marketing failures is not knowing what kind of campaign a business should run. 

Here are certain dos and don'ts of email marketing that any company should follow to maximize its effect.

Create a Clear CTA

CTA Email Marketing Mistake

One of the common email marketing mistakes that many marketers make is failing to create a good, clear call to action (CTA). It may come as a surprise to learn that more than half of marketers who send unsolicited bulk emails never have an opt-in form on their pages. 

Not having a clear and concise call to action is a common mistake of many email marketers. Without a clearly defined objective or goal, a subscriber may not see the point of opening or reading your message. Instead, they will just unsubscribe or click away. 

This is why it is important to have an understandable call to action on each promotional email that you send out. It may sound simple, but it is easy to miss. This is one of the worst email marketing mistakes.

Effectiveness Marketing Campaigns

Many marketers are not testing the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and this is one of the many marketing mistakes. Marketers have become so accustomed to sending unsolicited emails that they rarely take the time to test their effectiveness thoroughly. 

Most marketers do not take the time to track how often their marketing campaigns generate traffic or how effective they are at driving targeted leads to their websites. This is a big mistake. 

Every day, marketers are wasting hundreds of hours sending emails to potential customers with absolutely no chance of converting.

Not Optimizing Subject Lines 

One of the first things new marketers learn is to include the name of their product in their subject lines. Unfortunately, many marketers do not bother to optimize their subject lines, simply sending random emails to people. This is a mistake, which is often responsible for half of the spam that filters get every day.

Not Having Unsubscribe Link

Not having Unsubscribe link is one of the Email Marketing Mistakes

They are not using the "opt-out" feature. An email marketing mistake that almost every marketer makes is failing to use the "opt-out" feature of their email marketing campaigns. 

Unsubscribe instructions should always be spelled out and easy to find. In addition, most marketers who fail to meet their email open rate targets have done so by sending promotional emails that offer a discount or special offer to users after they sign up for a free account.

When a person clicks the "opt-out" link that appears in the email, marketers should automatically remove it so that the customer will never see it again. This simple yet incredibly helpful feature is one of my most valuable "pro-tips" for email marketing.

Personalized Emails

One of the common email marketing mistakes is that marketers are not personalizing emails. This might seem like a "no brainer". After all, why would you send out marketing emails with generic names like "joeswilbert"? 

However, it's one of those mistakes that many new marketers make, and it results in the loss of valuable business opportunities and potential clients.

Sending Poor Quality Products

One of the Email Marketing Mistakes is selling low quality products
Low Quality Products

Marketers are sending out emails that only offer the products for sale. I'm not sure if this mistake was made on purpose or not, but marketers who don't make sure they're selling quality products to their subscribers almost always fail. 

You can usually tell when someone is selling poor quality products because they won't be interested in what you have to say in the email. Instead, they'll be more interested in how much those products will cost them. 

This can be very annoying for subscribers, so make sure you're sending high-quality information first and foremost in all of your marketing campaigns.

I believe avoiding the 6 email marketing mistakes mentioned here will surely improve the results of your email marketing campaigns and deliver better results at the same time.

Let me know what you think of these marketing mistakes and whether you're making them.

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