11 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

B2B email marketing refers to a certain kind of email campaign where you specifically target companies instead of individual clients. Many companies and marketing firms, in fact, have discovered that the best forms of marketing are those that target specific clients and not general audiences. In doing so, companies can take their message directly to the people who need and want it the most.

While many corporate business email strategies tend to overlap with other business to business email campaigns, there are some major differences between these two kinds of campaigns. These include some major similarities, as well as some major differences.

Some of the biggest similarities between b2b email marketing and traditional marketing campaigns are that they tend to be shorter and more direct. This has obvious benefits for the marketers involved, since time is money.

11 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

However, some marketers argue that the lack of direct contact is actually harmful to their campaigns because it makes people less likely to take action on the company’s messages. As a result, the company spends money on campaigns that ultimately yield very few results.

The lack of direct contact also means that marketers will need to put more effort into making sure that the emails are indeed worth getting. The best way to do this is by making sure that they are both useful and compelling to read.

While the message’s overall content may remain similar between traditional and b2b email marketing campaigns, the messages themselves will need to vary significantly. This can have a huge impact on how successful the company’s efforts are, meaning that the company must be willing to put in the extra work to ensure that their b2b emails are effective.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to b2b email marketing is that the quality of the leads will be crucial. The best way to ensure that the leads are high quality is to ensure that the marketers that are sending out the emails understand what to expect from their contacts and put in the necessary effort to get those leads. Here are 11 b2b email marketing best practices:

Stay consistent

Even if you are sticking to the basics of traditional b2b email marketing tactics such as sending emails on a regular schedule and having content that has commonalities with the customer base, it doesn’t hurt to experiment with different tactics. 

Some marketers experiment with sending out a series of coupons, for example, but they find that their profits dip significantly. It’s all a part of learning how to adapt your email campaign to your particular business model. Just because one strategy works well on paper doesn’t mean that it’s going to work as well in real-world circumstances.

Remember Whom You’re Targeting

11 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices
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Some marketers think in terms of broad demographics, making it easier to sell products and services to people interested in them. Other marketers work by focusing on specific demographics, and this makes it more likely that they will generate sales and build a loyal clientele. 

It’s important to remember whom you’re aiming your b2b email marketing campaigns at to make sure that you’re giving your customers the best experience possible.


Another of the best practices in email marketing is ensuring that personalization is taken into account. Personalization refers to including details about the recipient in the body of the email. 

This ensures that the marketers’ personal contact information is included alongside the company’s contact information, thereby ensuring that the consumer feels more comfortable opening and reading the messages.

Avoid Excess Jargon

11 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

In general, marketers should take care to avoid excessive usage of jargon or corporate-speak in email campaigns. Instead, the content in the email messages should speak directly to the consumers. 

This is because it is often hard for most consumers to understand jargon or complex language. However, when it is necessary, marketers should use this sparingly and sensibly to ensure that the message is easy to understand.

Professional Emails

One of the best practices in B2B email marketing is making sure that the emails have a professional appearance. This means including content like business card links, website links, etc., in the body of the email. If the sender uses generic jargon, he can make his message seems insincere. 

On the other hand, when the content of the email seems very professional, the recipient is likely to open it with some expectation of what it is about. Subject lines, therefore, play a key role in impressing a consumer and getting him or her to open and read the message.

Personalized Emails

Along with making sure that the messages have professional appearances, marketers should also try to use personalized emails that contain personal content about the company and its projects and products. Marketers should remember that consumers always have an opinion about how a particular product or service has been designed and whether it is of high quality. 

In order to make their reviews more convincing, marketers should personalize the reviews and use phrases such as “best buy,” “money-saver,” or “the best seller.” These phrases will make it easier for the consumers to read the reviews, and they will be more likely to trust the marketers’ judgments.

Test everything

11 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

The best practices involve testing everything, from the headlines to the emails themselves, to see what gets the best results. Make sure that you test everything from headlines to landing pages to call to action statements to see which marketing campaigns turn out the best.

Maintain Constant Contact

Another way to maximize the use of b2b email marketing is by making constant contact with their customers. Marketers should not only send out promotional emails to potential clients; they should also provide consumers with contact information, such as their website addresses. This way, they can easily reply to the customers should they be interested in the product or services. 

Optinmonster, for instance, guarantees that marketers will have constant contact with their clients and is thus a good choice for marketers who are looking to make constant contact with their customers and build a loyal clientele.

Have an Optin Page

11 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

One aspect of the marketers’ b2b email marketing strategy is creating an optin page containing all the information about the company and the products and services offered. However, some marketers choose not to create such pages and instead opt to link their website to their email campaigns.

This makes the pages less noticeable and thus more effective. However, this tactic also means that marketers will have to spend more time sending out promotional emails.

The last of these b2b email marketing best practices is a bit more involved and requires a bit more thought.

Track Your Campaigns

Set up a tracking system to track the success of your campaign. It might be helpful to look for success stories in other places, like online forums, press releases, or product reviews. These can provide a good indicator of what kinds of campaigns turn a profit and can help you get a better handle on whether or not you’re on the right track.

Some Other Practices

The best practices for B2B email marketing may also include one or more of these practices: creating an email that seems formal, using subject lines that make the reader assume the email is serious and creating a call to action towards the end of the email. 


Some marketers are concerned that the quality of their B2b emails will decline if they do not adhere to all the best practices. It is true that the quality of the marketers’ email campaigns will greatly affect their success rate. However, the quality of the email list one creates does not determine success.

In order to be successful, marketers must work hard on attracting new customers and maintaining their existing customer base. They should always try to improve upon their marketing techniques and work to adhere to the best practices to achieve the best results!

I hope these 11 best b2b email marketing practices help you and bring you better results in your email marketing campaigns. 

Let me know what B2B Email Marketing practices you’re already applying and what you want to get started with.